The first meetings were held in the bar next door. We spoke about possible direction for new pieces JEAN BRIAC wanted to create. We spoke about ideas, background and challenges he wanted to explore. After various sessions, the plan was set: Jean would search for stone and get to work. He was as excited as I had ever seen him. He spent endless hours at his workshop to meet our deadline. I visited him twice: we photographed evolution of the work, spoke about results and new challenges.
Jean pulled an all-nighter the evening before the show to finish the last piece. We set the installation that same morning. I pushed a cart stocked with bricks weighing almost 100 kilos all across the Gothic quarter. We finished the set up just on time.
We had endless cheese and wine with the presentation, in honor of our french artist. Students, friends and other artists came to see the show. It was a special evening. Even if we didn´t say anything, both Jean and myself were proud of what was achieved.

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Jb inauguracion

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Ricardo packed his truck with country side: branches, spices, flowers, fruit and WOOD, along with his amazing creations and headed to Formista. We cut and built, drilled and stacked until happy. The space was filled with smells and flavors from the country, a perfect environment to present his amazing work. With vegetables from his garden, he prepared exquisite local dishes to share with our visitors: gazpacho, boquerones, eggplant, freshly baked bread among the very many goodies. A unique experience, where all senses were considered and everyone’s eyes set on the showcased pieces. We ate, we shared, we celebrated BRUCC and had ourselves a blast.

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